Our Process

Upskilling our staff members on new vehicle models is continuous, we offer our customers peace of mind in knowing their vehicles will be restored to pre-accident condition.

Damaged parts are removed. Usable parts are cleaned & stored for future use.

Although most parts are ordered pre-disassembly, once the vehicle is properly looked at after damaged parts are removed, should extra parts be needed, they are authorized by insurance or the customer and then ordered from approved suppliers.

Mechanical repairs are important as they ensure your safety in a vehicle. This is why we ensure that these repairs are never rushed and are done properly. Panel beating can also include chassis straightening, and is performed by highly trained staff and uses state of the art equipment.

Vehicles are painted with a protective primer coat and then sanded & smoothed for painting. Paint is prepared using highly advanced matching systems to ensure an exact match to your existing colour. Vehicles are painted in our heated spray-booths which are designed to eliminate dust particles.

Only once the paint has been set does the re-assembly of your vehicle begin. The parts that were not damaged and stored away, as well as new parts are fitted onto your vehicle. This process also includes alignment, auto-electrical, mechanical and all safety and diagnostic checks.

In some cases, we may find that there is damage to your vehicle that Clark & Kent are not qualified to repair i.e. engine repairs, repairs to mag wheels etc. In this case, your vehicle will be sent to specialists for the repairs to be done. We oversee and manage this entire process to provide you with convenience.

Due to the harsh South African climate, we often find that existing paint on panels have faded. We undertake a full machine polish on your repaired panels to ensure a brand-new look. Your vehicle is also cleaned on the inside and outside.

We employ trained quality controllers to then check all paint-work, body alignment and repairs to ensure that all work has been completed according to the manufacturers and our own quality standards. This process may include a test drive to ensure that your vehicle is running well and safely.

On a 100% satisfied quality check which is completed by our Quality Control Inspector, we arrange for aconvenient time for your vehicle pick-up or drop-off.

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