Specialists in end-to-end vehicle repairs and dent removal.

Hail Repair

Clark & Kent can perform repairs nationwide and under strict time-frames. Our access to equipment, relationships with hail smiths and strategic project management infrastructure allow us to go where we are needed.

Hail Repair Process:

  • Our partnering with strategic hail smiths means that we have access to the requisite human resources that enable comprehensive hail repairs at scale.
  • Pricing is quoted per vehicle based on the severity of damage. Tiering is customizable per client requests. 
  • We are a manufacturer-approved repairer, offering parts and painting at the highest level of quality. Parts and paint are supplied at an agreed rate, separate to dent removal.

Payment Terms & Guarantees:

  • Standard payment terms of 30 days from statement.
  • 3-year guarantee on repairs and paint.
  • Country-wide guarantee means we come to you.